She & Male


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An unforgettable encounter in a legendary London club.

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A legendary fragrance for man and woman alike, containing iris and vetiver, neroli, and a dash
of moss. Charismatic, spiritual, unique. For the woman in every man and for the man in every woman. Elicits the unsaid and inspires the wearer to do the seemingly impossible.

He and She or She and Me. Which of the two beings who met that night at the so-chic Mahiki Club in London could have recognized themselves? Nobody knows.

It is the surprising alchemy of nature. To discover the soulmate, with whom the masculine and feminine parts are attracted to each other. The attraction of opposites is charismatic, spiritual, and unusual.

It is the perfect harmony of souls and bodies in a voluptuous sensuality.

Their perfume exhales sweet notes of iris and vetiver, nuanced with neroli and moss.

To share together…


100 ml

Love Story Origin


Olfactive Category

Woody Aromatic


Michel Almairac