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The Founder

Jelena von Olnhausen, the Countess Artukhovskaya, was born in Moscow and visited a number of countries with her parents as a child: Switzerland, Spain, England, Greece, Morocco, and France, to name a few. Her father, a Russian diplomat and businessman, had a fragrance created for her mother one day in the South of France based on an old recipe.

Passed down in his family for two hundred years, the perfume recipe had originated from a french soldier, who had obtained a position as a French teacher in the family palace of his ancestors after the Coalition Wars, thus finding a refuge from the hard times back then. Later on, this soldier, a descendent of a famous French perfume dynasty, wanted to give the lady of the palace a timeless fragrance in gratitude.

It was there, in the South of France, where the perfume was produced in a small factory as Jelena looked on, she discovered her dream of developing perfumes that will stay with people for the rest of their lives, just as their personal love stories do.

After completing studies in business and spending a few years as the publisher for various luxury magazines, she made her dream a reality in a two-year collaboration with famous French perfumer Michel Almairac and renowned designer Thierry de Baschmakoff. Every one of the six flacons holds amazing love stories whose personal and unique content are brought to the surface, communicated, and left to linger by the extraordinary, luxurious packaging.

Jelena Von Olnhausen, Cauntess, owner of Len Fragrance Niche Perfume brand
Len Fragrance Histoire Privee Perfume Collection